Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Like I Like...

  Wow I haven't updated this thing in forever. I have been like, crazy busy.
and let me just say, this quarter is tough.
school owns me.
the good news is, i was able to follow through with my new years resolution
and finally got back into a gym.
all i'm saying about that is I can hardly move.
so sore, and instead of taking a break what am i gonna do?
that's right, im gonna head to the gym tonight. again.
summer's just around the corner peoples.
so many plans in the works.
i'm stoked! =]
oh yeah
almost forgot.
happy super bowl sunday for all you crazy football fanatics.
im gonna spend mine doing hw. 
and listening to Keri Hilson's "I like" song over.and over.and over.
yay me.

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