Saturday, December 11, 2010


So last month, Justin and I showed at the Models&Bottles 2010 event at Citrus.
Turns out, some of the images got put in the December issue of D-List magazine. Page 80
Check it out.
Not too shabby.
Today was a day well spent.
I completely dedicated to my jacket that's due on Monday.
All I'm saying, is I always do like a challenge.
But it's coming along beautifully.
Reminds me of a Siamese cat.
Yeah, sounds weird.
But you will later see why....
Funny how with sometimes things seem to go so negatively in life, 
And within a matter of minutes, everything can be turned right back around.
I'm very blessed for the opportunities that I am being presented with.
I've got some great things planned out in the near future.
I just hope things go according to plan....
That's all.

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